[USRP-users] Releasing UHD master deb package built against Boost 1.48 for Ubuntu 12.04

Robert Smith robert.smith at taitradio.com
Fri Sep 14 15:57:13 EDT 2012

Hi anyone from Ettus,

I have been using your UHD master deb package for helping deploy 
GNURadio and UHD for my employer. We are having issues with the 
stability with our custom GNURadio software. We built UHD against the 
Boost 1.48 libraries in the Ubuntu repos and this fixed the issue (as 
mentioned in one of GNURadio bug tickets). We have tried to generate a 
deb package for UHD built against Boost 1.48 but have had no luck. How 
difficult is it for you guys to build UHD against Boost 1.48 and have it 
available as a deb package to the public?



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