[USRP-users] TVRX2 vs WBX

Sivan Toledo stoledo at tau.ac.il
Thu Sep 13 15:44:55 EDT 2012

Thanks a lot. I was wondering about noise figure (thanks for the answer)
and strong-signal handling.

It didn't occur to me that AGC might be an issue, but it probably is. My
application involves receiving weak short packets  (about 1ms) so an
always-on ACG might not be good. I assume it might crank up the gain when
the channel is quiet which will lead to overload when a packet does show
up. The WBX might be better in this respect.

They both cover the frequencies I need, so that is not really an issue.

On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 10:27 PM, <mleech at ripnet.com> wrote:

> **
> On 13 Sep 2012 15:23, Sivan Toledo wrote:
> Hi,
> I wonder if people have any information on the performance of the TVRX2 vs
> the WBX, for receive only applications.
> Thanks, Sivan Toledo
> What aspects of "performance" are you looking for?
> The main difference from an RX-only perspective is that the WBX covers a
> wider frequency range, and doesn't use AGC.  The TVRX2 provides two
> channels, each tunable from 50Mhz to about 860MHz, but has hardware AGC
> that cannot be disabled.
> Noise figures of the two devices, at maximum gain, are roughly the same.
> Not sure about IP3 and P1dB.
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