[USRP-users] TVRX2 vs WBX

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Thu Sep 13 15:27:12 EDT 2012


On 13 Sep 2012 15:23, Sivan Toledo wrote: 

> Hi, 
> I wonder if
people have any information on the performance of the TVRX2 vs the WBX,
for receive only applications. 
> Thanks, Sivan Toledo

What aspects
of "performance" are you looking for? 

The main difference from an
RX-only perspective is that the WBX covers a wider frequency range, and
doesn't use AGC. The TVRX2 provides two channels, each tunable from
50Mhz to about 860MHz, but has hardware AGC that cannot be disabled.

Noise figures of the two devices, at maximum gain, are roughly the
same. Not sure about IP3 and P1dB. 

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