[USRP-users] FW: FW: SBX RF board simultaneous mode with USRP Hardware Support for MATLAB

Mike McLernon Mike.McLernon at mathworks.com
Wed Sep 12 13:05:58 EDT 2012

Hi Stan,

I've attached a zip file with scripts and functions that demonstrate two-radio full duplex operation with USRP radios.  The radios transmit and receive sine waves at different baseband and RF frequencies, then the scripts plot the time waveform and spectrum of the captured data.

To run:

1.       Extract copies of the code to each machine.

2.       Simultaneously run USRPFullDuplexDriverHost1 on host #1 and USRPFullDuplexDriverHost2 on host #2.

Brief description of my code:

*         USRPFullDuplexSineWave is the main routine. It creates and runs the Tx and Rx system objects used for each link.

*         USRPFullDuplexDriverHost1 and USRPFullDuplexDriverHost2 drive USRPFullDuplexSineWave with different settings for the forward and reverse links.

*         The other two scripts (USRPFullDuplexSineWaveSetup and USRPFullDuplexPlot) are utilities for setup and plotting, respectively.

My two radios and their setup:
Radio #1

*         N210/SBX

*         Transmits at 2.2 GHz

*         Receives at 915 MHz
Radio #2

*         USRP2/WBX

*         Transmits at 915 MHz

*         Receives at 2.2 GHz

I ran the two driver setups on two separate host computers, but we have also demonstrated full duplex behavior on a single host using two MATLAB sessions and two radios.  If you decide to use the single host setup, you will need a dedicated network interface card for each USRP radio, and you must change the IP address of one of the radios.  You must also change the corresponding IP address of the SDRu System object specified in either USRPFullDuplexDriverHost1 or USRPFullDuplexDriverHost2.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the scripts and functions.


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