[USRP-users] Fw: none-Radio sources

Robert Palumbo palumr at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 15:59:10 EDT 2012

It sounds like you want the USRP to transfer data from non-radio
sensors. I'd re-spin new daughterboards on a USRP and mount your
instruments there, then route the voltage outputs through the digital
IO pins and intercept them in the FPGA.

We use pressure sensors on my project, but we just use a cheap digital
IO board to get the signals, they end up just being voltage outputs I

Good luck,


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>>  hats off ,
>> i have asked similar question long ago and apparently nobody around here had stuff to offer
>> so maybe after sometime and the growth of GNURadio among diff scientific areas i got better chances this time.
>> i have various environmental sources of information in none-Radio ( classical and conventional mean ) form and i want to feed them "live" into a nice brother like USRP and do all the fun Stuff in GNURadio . later i might publish the work as a framework too .
>> inputs are : Typical Light , Lasers , Temperature , Pressure . how would you tackle such problem with an academic budget ? any of you folks have worked on sticking some Arduino element into USRP and get them work together ? is this a good idea at all ?
>> Regards

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