[USRP-users] Unable compile UHD on OSX 10.8

Michael Dickens mlk at alum.mit.edu
Wed Sep 5 20:09:51 EDT 2012

On Sep 5, 2012, at 5:57 PM, Pol Henarejos <pol.henarejos at cttc.es> wrote:

> Yes, it does. But if I use Xcode 4.4.1, make, includes, gcc and other staff should be placed inside /Applications/Xcode, isn't it? So, why is taking outside paths?

Actually, once the XCode CLI tools have been installed, they reside in /usr/ … e.g., /usr/include/ contains the standard headers, /usr/bin/ contains the standard compiler tools include cc, c++, and so forth.  Your shell's PATH should reflect the standard paths for a UNIX-y OS.

GCC and CLANG both provide their own headers, to correct / augment those for specific OSs -- e.g., faults they have found that are easy to work around in this way.  The original "limits.h" where the error occurred is such a file.  Generally (unless you tell the compiler to not behave this way) when you "#include <limits.h>", you get the compiler-internal version first, which will then generally "include_next" other(s) -- e.g., "/usr/include/limits.h".

Given all of the above, it sounds like your XCode is indeed installed correctly.  Thus, the next area to look is your shell environment.  Maybe we should take this discussion off-list, since I doubt it has anything to do with UHD or GR specifically.  We can always return to the list if we find something useful.  Or, we can keep it on the list if you prefer.

Why don't you send me the result of 'env' from the shell in which you're executing the "cmake" command, and we'll go from there. - MLD

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