[USRP-users] N200 Factory Clock

Nowlan, Sean Sean.Nowlan at gtri.gatech.edu
Wed Jun 27 10:32:14 EDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm interested in studying the performance of the 10 MHz factory clock on the N200. It appears to be a F924B, which I *think* is manufactured by Fox Electronics and has the attached datasheet. If this is not correct, could someone point me to the actual datasheet?

According to the attached datasheet, F924B should have Pin #1 as NC, but in both the N200 schematic and the board itself, there appears to be a resistor bias network and a capacitor on this pin. If I'm right about the manufacturer, the F924B is not a VCO... only the F924E is. If it's just a TCXO, why is there an RC circuit? Thanks!

Sean Nowlan
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