[USRP-users] Sampling rate for usrp2

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Tue Jun 26 10:58:04 EDT 2012


On 26 Jun 2012 10:52, JAY PRAKASH wrote: 

> I am working on channel
sounding using USRP2, Considering the probable delays in indoor
envronment I need sampling rate or say chip rate of PN sequence being
transmitted to be around 25-32Mb/s. 
> But when I go over 4 the
screen of transmitter get full with"
> and when I see the
correlated data at receiver side its almost noise like with very less
> Please help me out in increasing the sampling rate.

> I read somewhere to make changes in UHD driver based on decimation
rates.But no proper description.
> Jay Prakash 
> B.Tech Part III 
Electronics Engineering 

USRP2 sample rates are
constrained to be proper fractions of 100Msps. The "U" means underrun,
which means your computer isn't keeping up with the USRP2 data demand at
the chosen sample rate. 

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