[USRP-users] Windows 7 64 bit build issues : bin folder is not copied by INSTALL build, USRP not found

Bastien Auneau ba at verisat.no
Mon Jun 18 10:34:14 EDT 2012

Hi Josh

You said :

You should tell CMake configure to use the MSVC 64 bit compiler. You
shouldnt need to change or set any flags. It will just work (tm)

You can simply open the MSVC x64 terminal and run:
DevEnv uhd.sln /build Debug /project ALL_BUILD

But When I do not change the Additional flags (*/machine:X86 to /machine:X64
*) and if I do not set manually all UHD solution sub-project to win64 using
VS2008 Configuration Manager, the compilation simply fails. See attached
file to see the output. It does not help to use the devenv command line

And still, the example, utils and bin folders are not copied to the target
folder when building INSTALL sub-project

The list of issues for UHD Windows 64 bit is unchanged :
_ this fixed (*http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.hardware.usrp.e100/3420*)
should be applied
CMAKE_SHARED_LINKER_FLAGS should be edited to replace /machine:x86 by
_ each sub-project in UHD solution should be changed to platfomr x64, using
configuration MAnager of Visual Studio (a bit time consuming)
_ output of compilation for "example" "utils" and "bin" (uhd.lid .dll)
folders is not copied to target dir when building INSTALL

Using Windos 7, Boost 1.48 (to avoid the bug with VS2008 and 1.49), maint

Best Regards
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