[USRP-users] FW: Config N210 with Microblaze

Huldi Michael huldm1 at bfh.ch
Tue Jun 12 05:16:26 EDT 2012

Isn't the file in MCS format for loading directly to the Flash via Jtag? If I convert the BIT file with the command "promgen -w -spi -p mcs -o $(MCS_FILE) -s 4096 -u 0 $(BIT_FILE)" the generated MCS file is around 3.9MB, that means four times bigger than the BIT or BIN file.
I figured out that the net burner scan the BIN file for 0hAA99 to accept the BIN file. If I combine the BIT file with the ELF file I overwrite this part. Could you say me the meaning of this check? Is there perhaps a conflict between the bootloader part and the program code from the microblaze?

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