[USRP-users] Windows 7 64 bit build issues

Simon HB9DRV simon at hb9drv.ch
Mon Jun 11 09:30:28 EDT 2012

Hi Stan,


My notes are here:


If you need help let me know. I think I have addressed all the issues you
will can come across.


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From: Stan Gamla [mailto:cystrin at hotmail.com] 


Building under Windows 7 is quite an effort but to do so with full 64-bit
support is an outstanding achievement (at least in my humble opinion and
based on my own failures). As it took you two weeks to "bring it all
together", could you please share any tricks and tips that you might have
discovered or developed along the way (and that perhaps are not documented
elsewhere). For example, which dependencies were needed and which in turn
were built from source (and with with special options).

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