[USRP-users] USRP1 o USRP B100

paco paquito cuatrodos34 at yahoo.es
Mon Jun 11 06:18:30 EDT 2012


I'm thinking in buy a USRP, USRP1 or USRP B100, for educational purposes.
I would like to put in practice what I have learnt theoretically.

A think I would like to do is work with RFID (13.56 MHz). In this case I need to emit and receive the signal, so I need BasicTX and BasicRX, or LFTX and LFRX.

I would like to know if in B100 I can use BasicTX and BasicRX (or the other ones) at the same time or I need USRP1 that permit two daughterboards.


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