[USRP-users] AD9862 frequcncy

吴达旻 sonywdm at 126.com
Sun Jun 10 11:42:23 EDT 2012

Dear everyone:
   You see in USRP1, when AD9862 performs DAC,  I/Q interleaved data are latched using CLKOUT1 or CLKOUT2, that is I1Q1, I2Q2, I3Q3,etc. Suppose we use CLKOUT1  and CLKOUT1 is 64MHz, should the I/Q data together  be interpolated to 32MHz so that I data and Q data are latched in 64MHz respectively? For example I1Q1 last 1/32M second, CLKOUT1 use 64MHz to latch I1 and Q1. Do I understand correctly?
Best regards
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