[USRP-users] problem with usrp_n2xx_net_burner_gui.py

Bastien Auneau ba at verisat.no
Fri Jun 8 05:46:03 EDT 2012

Hi Josh

It seems that the non ASCII characters are not part of my IP adresse
(, but is rather another Ethernet adapter detected by the
python script
I attached a file with the proposed change at line 203
I'v just added an
    except UnicodeDecodeError: ipAddr = None
but instead of pass, I set the ipAddr to None
If it is not set to None, the USRP device is detected twice (the previous
successful decode() value is re-used). As suggested in the code, the pass
    except AttributeError: pass
maybe should be changed to
    except AttributeError: ipAddr = None

This is probably worth merging in the main branch, I'm probably not the
only person with this issue
The 2 PC I had this issues with are DELL (optiplex 780 and XPS) running
Windows 7

Best Regards
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