[USRP-users] API for N210 reset

Antonio Mancina amancina at mbigroup.it
Fri Jun 8 04:26:58 EDT 2012

Hi Josh,

> There isnt an API to reset the device. The contructor for the device
> should be re-initialing everything, every time, including clearing fifos
> and such. Are you seeing an issue, something is in a bad state?

actually this is not something you can easily reproduce. Sometimes, it
may happen that our N210s start behaving badly and we get corrupted
signals which prevent our modulation/demodulation chain from properly

We still use UHD 3.1.2 so maybe this is not an issue any more.

Anyway, this seldom occurs, but when it's the case the only solution is
to reboot or reset the device. I think we will call python code from
our C++ framework in order to issue a device reset immediately before
starting our demodulation service.


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