[USRP-users] Config N210 with Microblaze

Huldi Michael huldm1 at bfh.ch
Thu Jun 7 08:53:14 EDT 2012


I need help to get a simple microblaze configuration with bram-memory working with the USRP N210 release_003_004_001.

I removed the tx chain and insert the microblaze in the top and connect 2 of the leds from the front to the microblaze gpio. Run  a software with a blinking led function.

I tried different ways to program the fpga without success:

1. add the elf-file from the microblaze to the ise-project and generate a .bin File with double click to "generate programming file" in ise, then download with net burner.

2. combine the bitstream with the elf file, which resides in the bram in SDK with "Programm FPGA" to a .bit file, then convert the generated file download.bit to a .bin file with "promgen -u 0x0 download.bit -p bin -w " and try to download with net burner. But the net burner says "Invalid FPGA image file".

3. Download with Platform Cable and with SDK, JTAG connected to the FPGA. But here it doesn't load the new configuration, since the leds I disconnect still light up in startup.

I also changed the StartUpClk in the bitgen.ut from JTAGCLK to CCLK.

Someone have an idea, how to make my configuration working? Is it possible to program the fpga with impact via JTAG? How could I insert the zpu firmware file in this case?

Thanks for your help!

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