[USRP-users] LFRX Board Q&A

Simon HB9DRV simon at hb9drv.ch
Mon Jun 4 07:59:44 EDT 2012

Same with the Basic RX board.


Question: as there are two antenna connectors on the LFRX and Basic RX
boards, how do I switch them? I can't find a data sheet anywhere.


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Just replaced the WBX with the LFRX (AB), using latest unstable UHD.dll


1)      No antennas listed via get_rx_antennas

2)      No sensors listed via get_rx_sensor_names

3)      Calling usrp->get_rx_sensor("lo_locked") blows up inside UHD.dll,
stack available if needed

4)      Board is working


Onwards and upwards.


Simon Brown, HB9DRV


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