[USRP-users] Why I have a Frequency offset between transmitter and receiver

zitouni rafik raf218 at yahoo.fr
Fri Jun 1 06:01:22 EDT 2012

Hello for all,

I work on the last version of gnuradio 3.6 and I install the appropriate uhd which correspond to that installed by the script build_gnuradio. I use UBUNTU 12.04 LTS. 

When I test my transmitter and my receiver with uhd_fft, I find a shift of 4 Mhz between the transmitter and receiver. I have tested my receiver with BasicRx to receive FM radio and it receives at the exact FM frequency, but whe I use RFX 900 or 2400 the transmitter is at + 4Mhz from the value gived on the python script. Can you give me the idea How I can calebrate and correct this issue.

Thank you. 

Rafik ZItouni
ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering
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