[USRP-users] New to USRP :: software development platform recommendations sought

Patrick Sisterhen patrick.sisterhen at ni.com
Wed Feb 29 19:01:17 EST 2012

        b) if LabVIEW presents a more economic alternative

As one point of comparison, you can use the USRP devices in LabVIEW on 
Windows without having the Modulation Toolkit or Digital Filter Design 
Toolkit (although both are very useful).  LabVIEW has a fair amount of 
signal processing, probability/statistics, and linear algebra 
functionality built-in.

The NI-USRP driver does not require you to build UHD or GnuRadio, but will 
peacefully co-exist with both if they are on your system.

Patrick Sisterhen
National Instruments
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