[USRP-users] N210 Rev4 SBX with 0.3.4 code

steam2009 at t-online.de steam2009 at t-online.de
Wed Feb 29 11:18:49 EST 2012

> Are you using the Rev4 version of the FPGA image?  

Just made sure again. The FPGA images are for r4 and flashing displays:
USRP-N2XX found.
Hardware type: n210_r4
Flash size: 4194304
Sector size: 65536

Tried multiple 3.4 fpga images and a month ago I was even able
to build my own fpga images in some kind of freak accident.
But all I got was noise back then and only after downgrading to prebuilt
3.2 I got any useful signal besides noise on all frequencies.

After I found new fpga images for 3.4 where I could find matching code
with the same FPGA Version number I tried those with the same noise
result. Even checking out a specific commit to the fpga images
still gives me noise only. All frequencies look the same in uhd_fft.py
while with 3.2 I can see distinct patterns at specific frequencies.

I've also tried enabling disabling the GPSDO but that did not change

Do I need to add special configuration variables for into the eeprom?


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