[USRP-users] N210 Rev4 SBX with 0.3.4 code

steam2009 at t-online.de steam2009 at t-online.de
Tue Feb 28 20:44:36 EST 2012

is there anything special to take care of when using the 0.3.4 code?

Since I'm unable to build my own fpga images at the moment I tried
and the corresponding git from the 18. feb.
Everything loads fine but all I receive seems to be random noise. Programs
that work perfectly fine with 0.3.2 with just show noise with 0.3.4.
No obvious errors displayed.

I've tried multiple different fpga images / git version of the driver code and
so far only 0.3.2 produce meaningful results for me.

On a related note, could you please release built FPGA images more often
and make sure to tag the corresponding code base on GIT.
This way we could compile the host side and be sure I have a recent matching fpga


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