[USRP-users] Error while Compiling FPGA Image

Josh Blum josh at ettus.com
Sun Feb 26 19:12:53 EST 2012

> usrp1 at usrp1-CF-52SLCBUDE:~$ cd USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/
> usrp1 at usrp1-CF-52SLCBUDE:~/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top$ ls
> B100  E1x0  Makefile.common  N2x0  python  tcl  USRP2
> usrp1 at usrp1-CF-52SLCBUDE:~/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top$ cd N2x0/
> usrp1 at usrp1-CF-52SLCBUDE:~/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0$ ls
> bootloader.rmi  build.log  capture_ddrlvds.v  Makefile
> Makefile.N200R3  Makefile.N200R4  Makefile.N210R3  Makefile.N210R4
> u2plus_core.v  u2plus.ucf  u2plus.v
> usrp1 at usrp1-CF-52SLCBUDE:~/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0$ make -f
> Makefile.N210R4 bin
> /home/usrp1/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0/build-N210R4/u2plus.xise
> xtclsh /home/usrp1/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/tcl/ise_helper.tcl ""
>>>> Creating project: /home/usrp1/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0/build-N210R4/u2plus.xise
> Changed current working directory to the project directory:
> "/home/usrp1/USRP/uhd/fpga/usrp2/top/N2x0/build-N210R4"
>>>> Setting: Project[family] = Spartan-3A DSP
>>>> Setting: Project[device] = xc3sd3400a
> ERROR:TclTasksC:project_028: Unknown property value "xc3sd3400a"

It doesnt seem to have support for the xc3sd3400a.

What version of ISE? Is this the webpack? You need the full version to
build N210 (xc3sd3400a), but N200 is part of the free webpack tool.


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