[USRP-users] New to USRP :: software development platform recommendations sought

Marc Epard mepard at me.com
Sun Feb 26 13:39:01 EST 2012

On Feb 25, 2012, at 1:55 PM, Stan Gamla wrote:

> As I am an experienced  MATLAB user (and not wishing to use SIMULINK) I am attracted to using the former together under Windows. However, the information published by the MathWorks concerning USRP lists the following software requirements: MATLAB (starting at release 2011a); Communications System Toolbox; DSP System Toolbox; and Signal Processing Toolbox. As this adds up to quite an investment, I am wondering a) if all of the toolboxes are needed b) if LabVIEW presents a more economic alternative or if c) there is an even more affordable route.

We're using MATLAB with USRP2s and N210s without SIMULINK. We wrote a C++ command line tool that uses UHD. In MATLAB, we generate the tx samples, save them in file(s), and invoke the tool using system(). The tool simultaneously transmits and receives and saves the received samples in another file. Back in MATLAB, we load the rx file and crunch the samples. You'll find a slightly out-of-date version of our tool at <https://github.com/mepard/N210CeVI/blob/master/uhd_streamer.cpp>. It sends and receives from RAM so the disk is not a bottleneck, but this means you'll need enough RAM to hold them. 

We recently moved from Ubuntu to Windows 7 (because we needed some software that requires Windows) and successfully built UHD and our tool. We ended up buying Visual Studio Pro, though. I'll try to find some time to clean up the current version and post the changes to github.


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