[USRP-users] New to USRP :: software development platform recommendations sought

Stan Gamla cystrin at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 25 14:55:12 EST 2012

Presently I am undecided on the choice of software development platform that will best support my software defined radio projects using  an Ettus USRP N210 with XCVR2450. My application is to develop a system that will transmit a user-defined broadband signal (essentially a PRBS) that will then be received, down-converted and decoded to baseband so that the Rx IQ data can then be compared with the Tx IQ data. In a nutshell, I shall be investigated radio channel equalization.
As I am an experienced  MATLAB user (and not wishing to use SIMULINK) I am attracted to using the former together under Windows. However, the information published by the MathWorks concerning USRP lists the following software requirements: MATLAB (starting at release 2011a); Communications System Toolbox; DSP System Toolbox; and Signal Processing Toolbox. As this adds up to quite an investment, I am wondering a) if all of the toolboxes are needed b) if LabVIEW presents a more economic alternative or if c) there is an even more affordable route.
My ambition is to remain within an Windows environment to which I should add that my attempts to build GNURadio (under Windows) were unsuccessful (any tips would be appreciated here too).Please share with me your recommendations, experiences and thoughts regarding the most suitable software platform to use for the application described above with particular regard to the total cost of installation.With many thanks,Stan 		 	   		  
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