[USRP-users] division in E100 FPGA

Dekst dolkoff at yahoo.com.cn
Fri Feb 24 18:06:59 EST 2012

Hi, All,

I'm doing some calculations in E100 FPGA.

I need to multiply the input with some decimal factors but in e100 all data are integers. 
So 1)  I enlarge decimal factors to integers (decimal factors x 10000); 
2) multiply two integers: input data X (decimal factors X 10000);
3) divide the results by 10000.

When I complie, I got an error. It said 
that if i want to use '/' (division operator) directly in verilog code, 
the divisor must be 2^n. Is there any division module in usrp e100 that handles any kind of divisor?

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