[USRP-users] Problems using dsplink on E100

Andre Puschmann andre.puschmann at tu-ilmenau.de
Tue Feb 21 11:38:18 EST 2012

On 02/21/2012 04:24 PM, Stefano Speretta wrote:
> Here is the output:
> i-dsplink - 1:1_65_00_03-r0i.9
> ti-dsplink-examples - 1:1_65_00_03-r0i.9
> ti-dsplink-module - 1:1_65_00_03-r0i.9
> We also tried the module you sent us and it works!

Great! What was special about it Philip? I guess you've compiled it for
your kernel?

Stefano, you mentioned you wanted to use the DSP for off-loading stuff.
Are you just beginning or have you or anybody else already done
something? Is the memory used by the FPGA to exchange bits between GPP
and FPGA accessible by the DSP already? Are there any UHD changes required?


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