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Hi Kaleem,

The MATLAB demo uses a sound file as a data source.  The sample rate is currently set to 8 kHz.  Even if you were to increase the sample rate to 25 MHz (a rule-of-thumb value for a 20 MHz analog bandwidth), the bandwidth of the audio file will remain the same.  If you want to create a signal with a 20 MHz bandwidth, you'll need to use a different source.

If you have a 20 MHz signal with a sample rate of 25 MHz, then you'd want to set the interpolation factor to 4.  Note that the DAC sample rate on the hardware is 100 MHz.


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Hello Everyone,

I am trying to change a demo 'sdruFRSGMRSTransmitter.m' given in MATLAB 2011a to set the bandwidth of transmitted signal to 20MHz. I know I need to set interpolation factor (cuurrently it is 500) and some features of the signal being transmitted. I have tried many combinitions but it is not working. If someone have already tried this demo then can you please let me know how can I set the bandwidth of transmitted signal.

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