[USRP-users] Issue with SBX Rev. 2 on N210 (signal images)

Hossein Safavi safavi at uw.edu
Thu Feb 16 17:21:19 EST 2012

Hi All,

We have an SBX Rev 2 board that we have considered using. The issue we have come across is that when it replaced the WBX inside the N210, we get images of the signal we were intending to receive. It seems that the noise floor is also much higher.

The signal is simply pre-modulated OFDM being sent at 12.5 mega samps/second. If we tune the SBX board so that the signal is not centered, we get images of the signal. 

http://imgur.com/HKlqV USRP tuned to 429
http://imgur.com/9vJWQ USRP tuned to 430

If we perform the same exact measurements using the WBX board, we get something like the following:

http://imgur.com/BED44   USRP tuned to 430
http://imgur.com/MBveA USRP tuned to 425

We seem to be getting similar results when we put that board into a USRP 2. Is there some issue that we are overlooking or is the board somehow broken?

Any help is appreciated.



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