[USRP-users] Cisco Switch Latency w/N210

Mark W (Hotmail) wumarkus at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 16 16:36:32 EST 2012


I’ve been reading several threads about placing Ethernet switches between the USRP and the host machine and it’s impact on the UDP streams produced by the N210. From searching through the archives, I haven’t found any combination of kernel values, UHD driver settings, or switch settings that have been identified as the “culprit” from preventing communications over a switch. In my scenario, I’m attempting to use a Cisco Catalyst 3750 (IOS 12.2) with GigE ports between an IBM laptop and USRP 210. Direct connection works fine, but using a switch works intermittently at best. Wireshark dumps don’t show any obvious abnormal behavior and I’m having trouble identifying any dropped packets. This same setup works with cheaper switches which leads me to believe this is an issue related to latency between different switch products. I’d welcome anybody willing to help troubleshoot this problem as my planned deployment scenario may rely on using these Cisco switches and I’m willing to try any combination of configurations/settings to get this to work properly with our existing hardware.


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