[USRP-users] DBSRX2 daughterboard bandwidth problem!!

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Mon Feb 13 15:08:47 EST 2012


Actually, I think I may have mis-spoke. It looks like the initial
setting of bandwidth is fixed at 80MHz, which is fine for 100Msps
baseboards, but not lower-sampling-rate ones. 

Ideally, you want it set
at: 0.8 * baseboard-sampling-rate or thereabouts. 

Perhaps Josh/Jason
could comment on this. 

You can of course do this in your app, but it's
nice if the driver "did the right thing" automagically. 


Mon, 13 Feb 2012 14:39:59 -0500, mleech at ripnet.com wrote: 

> Note that
UHD normally sets the analog bandwidth of variable-analog-bandwidth
cards (TVRX2/DBSRX/DBSRX2) to whatever is appropriate for the sampling
rate of the front-end (64Msps B100/USRP1/E100 and 100Msps for
> Unless you have some very special situation in which
you don't trust the digital filtering in the FPGA, you shouldn't ever
have to set the analog bandwidth of the DBSRX2. 
> -Marcus 
> On
Mon, 13 Feb 2012 19:27:42 +0000, Mike McLernon wrote: 
>> Hi Ruth,

>> Have you seen the following link? 
>> Mike 
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bandwidth problem!! 
>> Hi! 
>> My USRP N210 is working properly
with the DBSRX2 daugtherboard. I am trying to make some simulations
using Matlab. Could someone tell me how I could change the capture
>> Thanks in advance. 
>> Ruth Sancho.


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