[USRP-users] Fwd: Not found USRP2 at specified Ip addrees

ruth.sancho ruth.sancho at bips78.bi.ehu.es
Fri Feb 10 03:06:41 EST 2012

i've started attempting to utilize the USRP and MATLAB support for 
UHD. Error reported by S-function 'usrp_uhd_sfunrx' in 
'sdruFMStereo/SDRu Receiver/usrp_uhd_sfunrx': Could not execute UHD 
driver command in 'createDriver_c': Could not create a UHD driver using 
IP addr ''. Attach a device at the specified address, 
correct the specified address to match an already attached device, or 
continue to work in off-line mode.

P.S. I have run 'findsdru' and it says the device is connected at IP 
address  I attempted to trace the code for where the 
error is being thrown and it appears to be related to where the 
'findsdru' is being called in the code itself, which doesn't make a lot 
of sense to me.  Thanks in advance,

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