[USRP-users] Performance benchmarking and tips?

emilio gonzalez emilio at neurostyle.net
Mon Feb 6 14:38:00 EST 2012

I'm going to be running some tests as soon as I get some sample data 
(Nick?), and a big goal is gauging the performance of USRP data in 
GNUradio on specific hardware.  This is a multi-channel demodulation 
application, so I need to see how it scales as each channel is added.

Is there a reliable, minimally-intrusive way to benchmark CPU and bus 
performance in GNUradio?  And, with an actual N2xx, is there a good way 
to gauge bandwidth and latency over the ethernet link?

Similarly, for those who have needed extreme performance out of their 
host system, are there any good Linux system tweaks (beyond ethernet 
tuning) for optimizing performance?  Is there any sort of 
GNUradio-optimized live CD or distro out there?

- Emilio Gonzalez
   Sunnyvale, CA

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