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The CPLD is used on the USRP2 (not N200/N210) to allow the SDCARD to be shared between configuring the FPGA and loading the firmware, the 2 files being stored in different area's of the SDCARD. On power up the FPGA configuration interface operates as a master to the CPLD and downloads the bitfile to configure the FPGA. During boot, a different serial interface is used to again access the SDCARD to download the firmware image. So in effect the CPLD is a multiplexor between 2 serial interfaces that are masters, to the SDCARD which is the sole slave on the bus.

Now in simulation, you do not simulate the configuration of the FPGA but proceed directly to start boot, thus the code for the actual CPLD (boot_cpld.v) used on the board is not used for the simulation, but a simpler model that abstracts the details of the SDCARD etc. This model (cpld_model.v) wants to read a file containing the firmware and you need to use a command line option to point at the location of this file, otherwise it defaults to look for the file "flash.rom". Thus flash.rom is a file you produce by compiling the microblaze/zpu firmware you wish to simulate.

I know from your previous posts that you are interested in simulating the N210, if you are first trying to get a USRP2 simulation to run then proceed as I just described. If you are try to now adapt the test bench to simulate the N210, than this CPLD model can just be removed from the test bench since the firmware boot process is very different. WIth the N210 you can just start by simulating booting simple firmware from internal ROM (look for where bootloader.rmi files are included in the core)

On Feb 5, 2012, at 12:14 AM, FARHAN BABAR wrote:

> while simulating usrp2 FPGA core in windowXP xilinx 13.1 i got following warning 
> "WARNING: File flash.rom referenced on C:/Documents and Settings/Black In Xp/Desktop/usrp2/cpld_model.v at line 54 cannot be opened for reading. Please ensure that this file is available in the current working directory."
> I searched alot in UHD folder but i didn't found "flash.rom" file can you guide me where it is?
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