[USRP-users] Interference Nulling with N200 and MIMO cable

Yubo Yan yan.devel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 03:27:52 EST 2012


   I am working on implementation of interference nulling with USRP N200
and MIMO-Cable. I config the first N200 device as MIMO master with:
And config the second N200 device as MIMO slave with:
usrp->set_clock_source("mimo", 1);
usrp->set_time_source("mimo", 1);
Finally I query the device with usrp->get_time_synchronized() , and it
returns 1.
But I can't achieve interference nulling with these configuration at last.

My  question is:
1) Does above configuration synchronize two devices properly?

2) If I double that the two devices are not synchronized properly, how can
I have a test just with at most four N200 devices?

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