[USRP-users] Notice on firmware/FPGA updates for N210

Nick Foster nick at ettus.com
Mon Feb 14 17:40:11 CST 2011


We've seen a couple of instances of N210s "bricking", or no longer
responding, after users attempt a firmware update. It looks like what's
happening is that users are specifying an FPGA image, but burning to a
firmware slot instead of an FPGA slot. This resulted in an incorrect
image being loaded to the firmware slot on the Flash ROM, and also
resulted in some other undesired behavior (since the FPGA image is ~50
times larger than the firmware image). While this is incorrect use of
the updater, it obviously is faulty program behavior if it is allowed to
overwrite the backup "safe" images.

The image loader usrp_n2xx_net_burner.py has been updated to check the
image size and image header in order to ensure users are uploading valid
images. This should make it somewhat harder to upgrade with the wrong
images. If you are planning on updating your N210 to the latest images,
please do a git pull (the update went in Jan. 28) and use the latest
version of UHD when doing so. If you have managed to brick your N210,
drop me an email and I'll walk you through un-bricking it, it's not that


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