[USRP-users] performance issues

Per Zetterberg perz at kth.se
Tue Nov 30 00:24:02 EST 2010

> I also have great problems with the latest version. My UHD is now
> 2568ef ... used to be f7966...
> Before I was able to transmit frames between my two laptops with a
> interspacing of 6ms without underruns/overruns. The same code now needs
> 100ms and HAS underruns/overruns. I really need the old performance
> back ....

Let me clarify. I transmit frames between two usrp2+laptop at 25Msamp/s.
The two USRPs take turns at transmitting. Thus every other frame goes
into from "A->B" and the others "B->A".  I do it at regular time
intervals using time stamps where "time_stamp_i = i * time_inverval".
With the old UHD I was able to use timer_interval=6ms with the new UHD I
need at least time_interval=100ms. 

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