[USRP-users] USRP2 + WBX + Simulink Resolution Bandwidth Question

Vlad Stoianovici stoianovici_vlad at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 24 15:42:55 EST 2010

 Dear all,
I am using USRP2 + WBX + Simulink to try to measure the Bandpower of an 8 MHz signal band.
What I do is, I use the  Magnitude FFT (FFT squared) block and sum the resulting coefficients. This is where I should divide to the effective bandwidth, but I'm uncertain on how to compute it.
I don't know how to find out the size of the Resolution Bandwidth (RBW).
'What is the connection between the size FFT size and the RBW?
Also related to the FFT, what is the number of actual bins, or FFT sticks, that comes out from the Magnitude FFT block?(I know that normally the number of sticks at the output of a FFT block si a little less than half the FFT size, but seem as though this is FFT squared, I don't know if it's FFT_size/2 or FFT_size/4)
Please let me know if some of you have any ideas about this, as I tried it so many ways that I'm uncertain where I go wrong (I do have some formulas for all the parameters but I'm not sure which are right and which are not).

Thank you all.


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