[USRP-users] usrp2 over switch

Josh Blum josh at ettus.com
Tue Nov 23 12:39:49 EST 2010

Assuming there is now transmission (which you said (BTW this now works 
on the flow control branch)), the switch is transparent to the system. 
That is, USRP2 and UHD driver know nothing about it.

Is it possible that one of the interfaces did not come up as gigabit 
speed (between your switch and pc)? I wonder if you are seeing the 
result of a bottle neck. Can you bring your receive rates down very low 
just to see that you can receive from both devices?

Are you using both USRP2s independently (two single usrps instantiations 
or 1 multi usrp instantiation)?


On 11/23/2010 01:47 AM, Juha Vierinen wrote:
> Hi,
> I have two usrp2 devices with the latest UHD firmware behind a Dell
> powerconnect 2708 switch. The devices are found nicely, but I have
> problems with streaming samples. Almost every other time I don't start
> receiving samples. The problem disappears when I remove the switch,
> then I always start receiving packets from the driver. I am always
> only receiving samples, which should work ok even behind a switch.
> Is this a problem of my switch?
> Does anyone know of a switch type/brand that works nicely with USRP2+UHD?
> juha
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