[USRP-users] Histogram samples received in simulink

MOISES NAVARRO moises.navarro at campus.uab.es
Thu Nov 18 13:13:42 EST 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm working with an OFDM receiver.
In simulations it works OK. But when using the USRP2 is not working.
The USRP2 are connected via an SMA cable, use no antennas.

Because it requires a "great processing" I store the signal in a variable
and affter peformed a post-processing

Since the simulations work OK, I'm trying to find out it does not work with

I made a histogram of both the transmit signal such as that receipt.
You can see from the following link:

In the upper part shows the signal transmitted signal, the real and
imaginary part. At the bottom the received signal (real and imaginary).

As you can see there is a "phenomenon" of values close to 0.
I think this could make my system was not working well.

Why this occurs? ADC's problems?? why it happens? is just noises?

Simulink my programs are very simple:
Tx -> read a variable (From workspace) and sends it to the USRP2
RX -> block enable signal activated length of usrp2 and save the variable
(To work space).

On the other hand, what is max value that can be introduced to USRP2? in
other words, what is the maximum value that can have a sample in simulink?

Thank you very much
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