[USRP-users] USRP1 and UHD rx_samples_to_file

Josh Blum josh at joshknows.com
Fri Nov 12 19:23:58 EST 2010

> The amount of data written to the file is correct. HOWEVER, the output
> written to test.bin looks wrong. It is mostly in range [-4,4], with some
> large amplitude junk at the beginning of the capture. I don't see anything

probably just noise

> resembling a sine wave. When I capture with the same input using GNURadio, I
> see a nice fat sine wave as expected. Any ideas?

was this with gnuradio + uhd?

do you have both slots populated on the USRP1? If so, the UHD may be 
selecting the wrong board via some default behavior), can you try it 
with one populated?

try running the the ascii dft with the same options and see if the tone 
is present.


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