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pronobis at zedat.fu-berlin.de pronobis at zedat.fu-berlin.de
Thu Nov 11 09:48:51 EST 2010

my name is Wiktor Pronobis and I am about to set up gnuradio with the
UHD-driver on a Linux/Ubuntu(10.04) machine. I managed to install the UHD
driver according to
After that I followed the Gnuradio+UHD instructions on the same site but
ignored the PKG_CONFIG_PATH section. Then I changed to the gnuradio
repository into the "next" branch. Since there was no configure file I
created it with
   autoconf configure.ac
after running ./configure
the error message
./configure: line 2168: syntax error near unexpected token `config.h`
./configure: line 2168: `AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h)`

Thanks very much for help!
Wiktor Pronobis

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