[USRP-users] Configuration Simulink

Jorge Miguel jmiggal at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 15:34:02 EST 2010

Dear Mike,

I am getting started with the USRP2 blocks from Matlab 2010b along with the
USRP2 basic receiver and XCVR2450 transceiver.
I read your post "Configuration Simulink". I still have some questions:

>>4. You should try to run with Rapid Accelerator instead of Normal mode.
 Be aware that some scopes do not plot data when run in Rapid Accelerator
mode, but scopes >>inevitably slow down a model in any case.

Question1)Why only try? Is there any case we are not allowed to run in rapid
acelerator mode?

>>9. If the model generates code, the Solver setting should be
Fixed-step/discrete.  The tasking mode should be SingleTasking.

Q2) What do you mean by "If the model generates code"? I thought that it has
always to be executed in discrete fixed-step. However when executing
variable step I got less lost packages, how can it be possible?

Q3) My goal is to build a radar application within USRP2 and Simulink. Since
I cannot skip any information from the receiver part (in order not to miss
any target) simulink has to be running in real time, Isn´t it?

Q4) Does it help to use the real time workshop of simulink? I do not know
how it works....Is this what you mean by "generating code"? Precompile code
and then execute the pre-compiled code? Does the same workspace have more
performance using this technique? Woull it be interesting for my radar

Q5) When I recieve data from the USRP2 and I use the Spectrum Scope I always
see a great DC component (frequency 0). I do not understand where does it
come from. Do you have any idea?

Many thanks in advance,
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