[USRP-users] USRP2+WBX RX gain issues

Vlad Stoianovici stoianovici_vlad at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 4 13:33:51 EDT 2010

Dear all!

Myself and my colaborators have 2 USRP2+WBX boards.The configuration which we are currently using 
- USRP2 + WBX Board and a 400 - 1800 PCB 
- Simulink environment with Matlab 10.
- Frequency 500 - 700 MHz
- RX only
- new UDP images
The boards worked just fine  until today, when we have used a 
stronger input signal generated by an Agilent signal generator connected
 directly via cable. The generated signal, a 2 MHz - large wideband 
signal had a maximum power of -16 dBm which was never exceeded. Most 
probably after using this signal, the board started to have problems, 
the sensibility being now much lower. We are forced now to raise the 
gain of the board to the maximum factor allowed (31.5) in order to see 
some valid signal at the input. 

The SNR ratio seems to be the same, but the signals which we 
previously detected with an external antenna around -55 dBm have now a 
level around -100 dBm. We never tried to use the board as a transmitter 
so we don't know if the problem is also on the TX branch.

We would really appreciate any time of hint or tip regarding this problem.

Also is there a general hardware reset, except the power off?

Thank you very much!


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