[USRP-users] Configuration Simulink

MOISES NAVARRO moises.navarro at campus.uab.es
Thu Nov 4 07:18:22 EDT 2010

Dear All,

I'm working with simulink and usrp2.
I trying to synchronize with an OFDM signal.
I noticed a possible problem.

I set up the simulation for 10 seconds (stop time), but the simulation takes
about 60 seconds. As I conclude that my processor can not generate the
signal so fast, right?

So I decided to create the signal and store it in a variable. Subsequently
generated a program that only reads the variable and transmitted through the

My surprise is that neither is able to run this program in real time (read
and send a variable) it  takes around 15 seconds. I have configured the
Decimation to 512 and SampleTime to 512/100e6.

It is normal for a corel 2 duo is not capable of running at that speed? If I
monitor the processor is at 100 %.....

There any special settings for simulink work well? " Is there any way to
configure simulink to work in real time with USRP2?
and if the processor inst fast enough that appears a warning or error?

Thank you very much
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