[USRP-users] How to visualize a band of precisely 8 MHz, with USRP2 and Simulink?

Vlad Stoianovici stoianovici_vlad at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 3 11:57:39 EDT 2010

Hello everyone!

I need to use and visualize a band of precisely 8 Mhz, with the center 
frequency 628 MHz (DVB-T), on my USRP2, working in Simulink.

The problem is that I would need a decimation factor of 12.5 (1e8/12.5 =
 8e6 MHz), in order to achieve this, and all specifications say that the
 decimation value needs to be an integer between 1 and 128. 

Is there a way around this problem?

Using the 12.5 decimation value, doesn't return an error, the power 
values I get seem to be congruent with what would be expected, but when 
visualizing the band, it appears to be distorted. 

Are the power values trust worthy, or are they just like the visualization, distorted?

Should I use a combination of FIR decimators and FIR interpolators? If so, how?

Thank you.


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